The classical homeopathic system of healing is a gentle and highly individualized modality.
Homeopathy is helpful for many kinds of illnesses; particularly for chronic conditions and pain for which conventional medicine offers no lasting or non-toxic treatments.
Symptoms such as pain, sleep problems, and anxiety are the body’s way of letting us know that it is in a state of imbalance.

The goal is to directly  stimulate the  intrinsic life force, activating the  body’s own healing response from within thereby allowing a natural and non suppressive restoration of health.

Since all levels of a person can be involved in illness, the homeopath strives to understand the patient as a whole: emotionally, physically and mentally.
Homeopathy is a truly holistic system of medicine and can support the whole being in its’ return to health safely and without toxic side effects.

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[Ana de Shore PA    –  has retired and is not accepting patients]

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